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The eCompliance AuditTool™ is the official electronic COR audit application of the British Columbia Municipal Safety Association (BCMSA). Registered BCMSA auditors can obtain access to this audit from the BCMSA Website. The BCMSA is the Certifying Partner for employers in BC that fall within the Local Government classification unit, and naturally aligned organizations. This audit protocol is based on the WorkSafeBC Partners in Injury and Disability Prevention Program which offers incentives to employers that create and adhere to health and safety management systems aimed at improving workplace safety and helping injured workers return to work in a safe and timely manner. After passing an audit, employers receive a Certificate of Recognition (COR), issued by WorkSafeBC which is co-signed by the BCMSA and the employer becomes eligible to receive incentive payments, provided that they are in good standing with WorkSafeBC.